Language Program

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During the academic year, Rockville Chinese School offers classes on Sunday mornings, 10am – 12:30pm.  There are two semesters in a school year, with sixteen weeks in each semester.  Fall semester usually begins after Labor Day weekend, while spring semester begins in late January or early February.

Language classes are taught by experienced instructors that are native mandarin speakers.   Children can start as early as preschool (4 years old) and continue through 12th grade.  Classes are available for children that already speak mandarin at home and those that come from non-mandarin speaking homes.

class project pictureOur students have many opportunities to practice speaking mandarin, reading (pinyin and traditional characters), and writing in Chinese (traditional form).  Rockville Chinese School realizes the importance and value in exposing students to Chinese culture alongside the language.  During the school year, you may see students balancing Chinese yo-yos, kicking around a Chinese style hacky sack, singing well known Chinese tunes, playing Simon Says in Chinese, creating Chinese artwork, making pulp paper, performing a traditional Chinese dance, and even beating on a Chinese drum.  In a typical lesson, 30 minutes is set aside for fun cultural activities like these.  In addition, the school often celebrate major Chinese holidays with stories, plays, and delicious food.

Questions regarding our language classes can be emailed to