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Yes, you can enroll your four years old child. Rockville Chinese School accepts students who reach four years old by August of enrolled year. Students who have age of four or five years old start at Level 1(preschool level). Classroom material and activities are specifically developed to match our young students’ attention span and skill. We strive to create a fun and low stress environment so students can enjoy the learning experiences. By the end of the year, students graduate with a vocabulary of a 100+ mandarin words. Example of topics covered: numbers, colors, shapes, greetings, animals, family, question words.
Rockville Chinese School offers Chinese Language (Pinyin: traditional characters). There are fourteen levels from beginner as preschool to communicate proficiency as high school. The school also has cultural activities for students to learn Chinese cultural such as Chinese song, Chinese dance, Chinese drum, Chinese hand brush writing, Tai Chi classes, and Chinese creative art.

No. Students are not required to sign up for a language class in order to enroll in a cultural activities class such as martial arts, and dance class.

Is this an immersion program? Yes and No. Yes, the school curriculum can help students communicate in Chinese language fluently by the time students graduate from school. No, students who are Chinese second language learner will attend the class level base on their knowledge of Chinese language.
We are proud to say that students at Rockville Chinese School come from a diverse ethnic, racial, linguistic background. We have many adults and children enrolled who are from non-Chinese backgrounds. All you need is a curious mind & a desire to learn! Pinyin is a system using the letters of the English alphabet to represent the pronunciation of Chinese words. Pinyin is a tool to help students learn to speak Chinese. Many of our classes use Pinyin to help students learn Chinese pronunciation.
In level 1 school use RCS textbook and work book. School uses Chinese Made Easy for Kids series (traditional version) from level 2 to level 11. Assigned classroom textbooks, workbooks, audio files, and other materials will be available for purchase at the beginning of each semester.

Does school teach traditional or simplified characters?
Rockville Chinese School teaches traditional Chinese characters. We feel that traditional characters carry more of the Chinese history, culture, and essence of each word.

A new student will be evaluated by the registration office based on the several factors: age, previous mandarin learning experience, and mandarin speaking environment at home and in school. To enroll in preschool classes, children must be 4 years old when fall classes start. Four years old students typically start in Level 1 classes. Five years old students with no previous mandarin exposure typically start in Level 1 classes. Older students with no previous mandarin exposure will be placed in a class dependent on the comfort level and the language skill of the student.

Great question!.  You can become more involved in supporting the school and students by being a room parent, signing up for one of our volunteering opportunities, becoming a Parent Association Officer, or joining a committee.

Parents are encouraged to sign up for at least two activities per semester.  In our For Parents section, you can find a link to our sign up sheet.

Your teacher will inform you before 9:00am.

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