About Us

Rockville Chinese School was established in 1981. Over the years, our school has evolved around the needs of our students and families, but our goal has been steadfast to foster the love of learning Chinese cultural and language, and to form a social network among our families. Our teachers love teaching.  Our staff work hard to make sure the school is running smoothly. With the strong support of our parents and our Parent Association we able to sustain a vibrant and caring community.  Here you will find a warm and open-minded community with families from diverse backgrounds.  You are always welcome to stop by to observe a class or to talk to our staff and parents.

School is in session on Sundays during the academic year, from September to May.  There are two semesters in a school year, with sixteen weeks in each semester.  Fall semester usually begins after Labor Day weekend, while spring semester begins in late January or early February.

School Facilities: While school is in session, RCS has the use of our host classrooms, cafeteria, dance studio, kitchen, and gym.

A day at Rockville Chinese School is divided into two parts:  we begin the day (10am) with our Mandarin Language classes, and then follow with afternoon Cultural Arts School classes. Students enrolled in our morning language class often sign up for an afternoon cultural class.  There is also the option to enroll in only afternoon Cultural Arts School classes.  Past Cultural Arts options are gong fu (kung fu), karate, Chinese folk dance, arts and crafts, painting, music, and sports. Cultural Arts classes generally begin at 12:50pm and last 10-13 weeks, depending on the class. Currently, we are only offering Chinese dance classes.

More details on our Mandarin Language Program can be found in the Language Program section of our website.

School Calendar & Activities: Please refer to our school calendar for a listing of school events and activities such as: Autumn Festival, School Picnic, Chinese Costume Day, Holiday Potluck, Chinese New Year Celebration, Field Day, Mother’s Day Celebration, and Graduation/Closing Ceremony.